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The Apprentice Conductor Program is designed to provide young choral conductors at the high school or undergraduate level with the opportunity to conduct a high-level, amateur, adult chamber choir in rehearsal and performance.

Apprentice conductor program


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MAY 2023

Gillian Wang

Manishya Jayasundera, 2022_edited.jpg


Manishya Jayasundera

MAY 2022

Michael Denomme

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“Exultate is a welcoming community of people. There is a culture of comradery and it’s wonderful to be amongst musicians who feel so passionately about the repertoire. The group is very detail-oriented and they do exceptional work, which makes it so enjoyable to conduct and rehearse with them. Mark and Exultate are very supportive as well. Mark is a great teacher for conducting; he is very accommodating and he’s precise. I learn a lot just by watching Mark and Exultate work and it has been enriching for me to hear his feedback as well as feedback from the singers.”

– Manishya Jayasundera, former Apprentice Conductor


One conductor is selected following an application process. The selection committee is composed of four members from within the choir who are also established conductors in the community.


The conductor will join the choir in Tuesday evening rehearsals (6:00 - 8:00 p.m.) for six to eight weeks, and will have the opportunity to conduct at least one piece at the concert at the conclusion of the apprenticeship period. The conductor will receive feedback from both the artistic director and choir members. At the completion of the rehearsal period, the conductor will have compiled both rehearsal and performance video footage and will receive a $500 honorarium for future studies.



The conductor must:​

Be currently enrolled in a high school or undergraduate program.

Have a basic understanding of conducting gestures, score study, and rehearsal strategies.

Be able to attend all relevant rehearsals and performances.

Conductors who are currently members of the choir and/or board of directors are not eligible.


The conductor must submit:​

A one-page letter outlining their interest in this program, future musical goals, and how this program aligns with those goals.

A resume that includes information related to musical training, vocal/choral experience, and conducting experience.

Contact information for two references.

A short 2–5 minute video that shows the applicant conducting. Please provide a link to the video. Do not submit the video as a file attachment.

Next deadline: October 2, 2023, midnight


Please use the form below to submit your application.


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