We invite you to help shape and support the next generation of Exultate, now with Hilary Apfestadt at the helm, by making a donation to the choir. The donation form provides information about our KEY CHANGE campaign and levels of recognition. Our goal is to raise $50,000 over two years in donated funds to ensure our continued operation and future success. If you have already made a donation to this campaign we appreciate your generous consideration and support of the choir.

Here are the top 5 reasons to give Exultate your support:

Hilary Now at the Helm

  • Introducing Dr. Hilary Apfelstadt, our new artistic director and conductor
  • Recently appointed Professor and Director of Choral Activities at the University of Toronto
  • Nova Scotia raised, Toronto trained, highly successful career in the United States
  • Continues our history of top level artistic leadership
  • Used Exultate recordings as a teaching tool at the Ohio State University

Developing the Next Generation

  • Sponsorship of young singers in the choir and community
  • Choral composition competition supporting Canadian composers and new works
  • A rejuvenated choir membership
  • Expanding our audience – reaching out to young people
  • Community Choir in Residence at the University of Toronto
  • Developmental opportunity for assistant conductors

An Engaged Community with Shared Values

  • Audience and donor support that truly makes a difference
  • Shared commitment to quality, community and education
  • Community volunteer, choir and artistic director collegial leadership
  • A supportive home base at St. Thomas’s Anglican Church

Choral Music Matters

  • Choral music inspires, connects and engages us
  • Choral music educates e.g. history, language, and culture
  • Exultate plays a distinctive role as a non-professional chamber choir dedicated to excellence in performing a wide range of repertoire

A Canadian Success Story

  • Two-time national champions in the CBC Choral Competition
  • 32-year history as an organization
  • Committed to the development of Canadian choral music
  • Recognized by the Canada, Ontario and Toronto arts councils



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